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Wall Chimp’s New Christmas Wall & Window Sticker Collection. We are delighted to be able to advise you that we have just launched our new Christmas wall & window sticker range. You are able to view the range launched by visiting : If you would like to receive any further information about this new wall & window sticker product offering then please be kind enough to contact the Wall Chimp team at Please also contact for all custom wall sticker enquiries. Wall Chimp’s website can be visited at

21 Nov



Black ‘Vinyl’ Friday Deals. Please keep a watch out on the Wall Chimp website for special Black ‘Vinyl’ Friday Deals. Discounts will only be valid for orders placed online during Friday 25th November using discount code ‘BLACK’. For all special requests please contact the Wall Chimp Team at

21 Nov



It’s the most wonderful ‘TIME’ of the year! A beautiful contemporary wall sticker clock, personalised with your family name, location and date. This delightful wall art makes a lovely addition to any room in your home. All of our wall clocks are handmade to order, so you know the item you are purchasing is 100% unique to you. The clock display is available in 50cm and 95cm diameter and is made entirely of vinyl creating amazing results whilst being easy to install and remove. If you like this wall clock product but would like a different style, colour or size then please just get in touch at and we will create a custom made order especially for you! The perfect Christmas gift for family.

21 Nov


Middlesbrough MC6 Enrollment Made Easy by WallChimp

21 Aug

We have developed a great partnership with the staff at Middlesbrough College over the last year helping them transform their boring white walls into a creative and interesting learning space. Working with each department we have came up with some amazing designs to make the cooridoors inspirational and engaging.

When we got the call from MC6 (Middlesbrough’s Sixth Form) involving enrollment, footprints and floor stickers we where excited to get involved.  With thousands of local GCSE students receiving their results this week, they will be all wanting first pick of the available places at local collages. Enrollment can be an exciting and daunting place for many people wanting to join colleges and there is nothing worse than going to a new place and not having a clue where to go and who to talk to.

Wall Chimp teamed with the Head Teacher at MC6 and came up with an amazing idea to remove all the worry of where to be and what to do when enrolling into college. Gone is the trouble of printing out maps or having staff directing people around all you have to do here is… Follow The Foot Prints! EASY.


The footprints lead the new students around the college from start to finish right until the gold star where, You are now enrolled!! 


We had a great time working with MC6 on this project and look forward to their next great  idea!!! 

WallChimp is coming to Ideal Home Show 2015

1 Aug


The Ideal Home Show is the place all designers, brands and interior designers flock every year to see the latest trends and to inspire their new ideas. With seven dedicated show areas catering to every need and taste, this is the only place to visit when making your home ideal. From Interiors, to Home Improvements, with Food & Housewares, and Woman, plus Technology, Gardens and Shopping the enhanced sections give you more choice and bigger brands, all under one roof. Plus see exclusive show offers, new product launches and items you won’t find on the high street.


Wall Chimp has secured a 20msq space at the Manchester show 5th – 7th July 2015. We can not wait to set up and show everyone in the industry our amazing wall stickers, not to mention to get out and meet all of our customers face to face. We have some great ideas for you to test and try new products as well as having the chance to sit down with one of our members of staff and custom design and produce your own wall sticker on the day.

More details will be released as and when we get them, wallchimp would love to see you there, so make sure you get your tickets and come and visit us.

Check out this years show video below!!


Disney’s FROZEN Wall Stickers Are HERE !!

10 Jul

e30d146c12b405c0edbb8ff449fb6f9d54fdd5bfFrozen is the 53rd animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale The Snow Queen, the film tells the story of a fearless princess who sets off on an epic journey alongside a rugged mountain man, his loyal pet reindeer, and a hapless snowman to find her estranged sister, whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped the kingdom in eternal winter.


The movie has been loved by all ages since its release, it accumulated over $1.2 billion in worldwide box office revenue, more than $400 million of which was earned in the United States and Canada. It ranks as the highest-grossing animated film of all time, the fifth highest-grossing film of all time, the highest-grossing film of 2013. Wall Chimp also loved the movie and have compiled our own wall sticker designs of some of the main characters so you can transform your children’s bedroom into a Frozen wonderland.


To view these amazing wall stickers CLICK HERE for more wall stickers just like these.

Yorkshire Grand Depart was amazing!

7 Jul

Yorkshire Grand Depart was amazing!

Arriving at Brymor Dairy Farm & Ice Cream Parlour which had been transformed into a Tour de France camp site on Friday evening in torrential rain, we knew we were in for a great weekend. Despite the rain everyone was in good spirits eagerly awaiting the Grand Depart the following morning.


Having spent most of the night wondering if the tent would withstand the rain I was happy to rise and get ready to ride the route to Masham to find the perfect vantage point to watch the race. I set up my Giant Defy, a Scott 40 & a Carrera after fitting them in the back of the Chimp van and we set off on the best ride I have ever had even though it was only a little over 20 mile. The roads were blocked to cars but open to cyclists which was great as we came out of the farm we joined a group of 7 cyclists who had made their way down from Yarm that morning & were heading for Ripon. Even though it would be 6 hours until the riders would pass the roadsides were starting to fill up people had obviously done their homework and picked great positions with some erecting scaffold stages in their gardens. In the 5 milestone Masham we must have been over 200 cyclists going in both directions getting a feel of what the riders will do that afternoon. The crowds in Masham were already in a party mood blowing horns & shouting hello to all cyclist as they passed through. We found a number of good spots to watch the riders go past the only problem was that they were downhill & we had clocked 42mph going down them so they would be going a lot lot faster than that which meant we would only see them for about 20 seconds, so we doubled back and set up position on a hill to us (a slight incline to them) hoping that it may just slow them down long enough for us to make out the riders.


The rest of the day was spent waiting for the caravan to to start and the riders go past. At 2:30pm the caravan started with the sponsors going by which was quite fruitful as we ended up with 2 blow-up pillows, a key ring a pen from a French Policeman a Frisbee and a packet of oven chips. As soon as the caravan had passed you could hear the six helicopters that were following the riders, this only added to the excitement as you could see them getting closer as they each took turns to take the lead as the riders made their way down from the northern section of the first stage. The final police bike went passed signalling 30 seconds until the riders. They turned the corner at the bottom of our hill and definitely made it look like a slight incline, the gradient had hardly slowed them down, however it was just enough so we could take photos and make out who was who. The teams were starting to get together ready for the final 36 kilometres.


As the riders powered up the hill it was fantastic to see so many top class athletes at the top of their game at the start of a 3 week tour. Even though they were only in view for a little over 2 minutes it definitely was worth the wait and all the effort. I have never appreciated how skilled they are at riding so close at top speeds on tight winding roads. As soon as the final police vehicles passed by we made our way back to the farm to watch the final ride to Harrogate on the big screen. With everyone now packed into the ice cream parlour we all watched as the final of stage 1 everyone talking through their experiences of what was a fantastic day,