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Middlesbrough MC6 Enrollment Made Easy by WallChimp

21 Aug

We have developed a great partnership with the staff at Middlesbrough College over the last year helping them transform their boring white walls into a creative and interesting learning space. Working with each department we have came up with some amazing designs to make the cooridoors inspirational and engaging.

When we got the call from MC6 (Middlesbrough’s Sixth Form) involving enrollment, footprints and floor stickers we where excited to get involved.  With thousands of local GCSE students receiving their results this week, they will be all wanting first pick of the available places at local collages. Enrollment can be an exciting and daunting place for many people wanting to join colleges and there is nothing worse than going to a new place and not having a clue where to go and who to talk to.

Wall Chimp teamed with the Head Teacher at MC6 and came up with an amazing idea to remove all the worry of where to be and what to do when enrolling into college. Gone is the trouble of printing out maps or having staff directing people around all you have to do here is… Follow The Foot Prints! EASY.


The footprints lead the new students around the college from start to finish right until the gold star where, You are now enrolled!! 


We had a great time working with MC6 on this project and look forward to their next great  idea!!! 


Will You Be The Winner?

8 Jul


Wall Chimp’s competitions have been a huge hit over the last few months running a weekly “Giveaway Friday” on our facebook page having an average of over 150 people taking part. In other weeks we have given away many wall stickers, from our quotes to wall clocks, with usually only 1 sticker to be won each week.



July will be the host month of out biggest giveaway yet with £150 worth of wall stickers to be won. The winner will receive a £150 voucher to spend on whatever they like on our site. That’s right… ANYTHING!!

If you would like to be in for a chance of winning this for yourself CLICK HERE to enter.



Top 3 Wall Sticker Ideas For Your Kitchen

10 Jun

Thinking of a new exciting design idea for you kitchen can be tricky as the kitchen, for most is the heart of the home, where meals are cooked and enjoyed by all the family, so having a nicely decorated room is essential.


May of us think of our kitchen in terms of a theme, weather it’s a rustic country style kitchen or a modern contemporary kitchen, we often struggle with the small details we can add to make a huge impact.


Using wall stickers in the kitchen 

Wall Stickers are a growing trend and have emerged into the market as a very popular cost effective design feature. Most commonly used in main living areas such as bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms; wall stickers have proven to be a simple way to transform otherwise plain walls in your home with your own custom touch.

Wall Chimp have put together for you some of the Top 3 wall sticker ideas you could use within your kitchen.


Chalk boards 

People often think of wall stickers to be coloured vinyl used for quotes and silhouettes, most don’t know you can also get chalkboard vinyl. This vinyl works the same as regular vinyl does simply peal and stick, the only difference is that you can write on it exactly the same as a chalkboard.


These chalkboards are great for the kitchen as you can write memos, menus and even shopping lists to remind the family; being able to cut the wall stickers to any shape mean they will also suit your kitchen theme perfectly.



Wall Sticker Quotes 

Wall sticker quotes are the most popular form of wall sticker, being able to replicate a family motto, a favorite saying or even some motivational words. Commonly families have their dining room table within the kitchen area, a motivational quote to motivate your family at breakfast every morning would set them into a great mind set for the day.



Maybe even just a simple message such as “Love” or “Enjoy” would suit your kitchen best, and remind you to keep calm as your new recipe you decided to try didn’t quite go to plan.


Wall Sticker Clocks 

Traditionally wall clocks come in many different styles and costs can vary greatly within the market but are often restricted to a certain size. This is not the case with wall sticker clocks; the mechanism to the clock is fully operational and can be set to a diameter of up to 95cm.


Available in many different styles from traditional Roman numeral faces to floral and many more modern designs, costing from just £35.00.

Wall Stickers In The Bath Room

18 Jan

Wall Stickers from Wall chimp are a great way to liven up any room especially the bath room. You can be for ever buying shells, wall hangings and other small things that you thing will liven up your bathroom but eventually you hit a point where you have filled your room with too many things.

This is where wall stickers come in, you can customize colours, quotes and murals without collecting printed canvases that don’t even match the decor of your room. Our new nature range that is coming next month will include great stickers for the bathroom we think you will love…

The image below shows a preview of one of the stickers that is in the nature range and one of their applications. This sticker was applied to the outside of the glass, even though the sticker would have no problem getting wet we always suggest to apply your stickers to the outside of the shower glass.

Thanks for reading… stay tuned.

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