Yorkshire Grand Depart was amazing!

7 Jul

Yorkshire Grand Depart was amazing!

Arriving at Brymor Dairy Farm & Ice Cream Parlour which had been transformed into a Tour de France camp site on Friday evening in torrential rain, we knew we were in for a great weekend. Despite the rain everyone was in good spirits eagerly awaiting the Grand Depart the following morning.


Having spent most of the night wondering if the tent would withstand the rain I was happy to rise and get ready to ride the route to Masham to find the perfect vantage point to watch the race. I set up my Giant Defy, a Scott 40 & a Carrera after fitting them in the back of the Chimp van and we set off on the best ride I have ever had even though it was only a little over 20 mile. The roads were blocked to cars but open to cyclists which was great as we came out of the farm we joined a group of 7 cyclists who had made their way down from Yarm that morning & were heading for Ripon. Even though it would be 6 hours until the riders would pass the roadsides were starting to fill up people had obviously done their homework and picked great positions with some erecting scaffold stages in their gardens. In the 5 milestone Masham we must have been over 200 cyclists going in both directions getting a feel of what the riders will do that afternoon. The crowds in Masham were already in a party mood blowing horns & shouting hello to all cyclist as they passed through. We found a number of good spots to watch the riders go past the only problem was that they were downhill & we had clocked 42mph going down them so they would be going a lot lot faster than that which meant we would only see them for about 20 seconds, so we doubled back and set up position on a hill to us (a slight incline to them) hoping that it may just slow them down long enough for us to make out the riders.


The rest of the day was spent waiting for the caravan to to start and the riders go past. At 2:30pm the caravan started with the sponsors going by which was quite fruitful as we ended up with 2 blow-up pillows, a key ring a pen from a French Policeman a Frisbee and a packet of oven chips. As soon as the caravan had passed you could hear the six helicopters that were following the riders, this only added to the excitement as you could see them getting closer as they each took turns to take the lead as the riders made their way down from the northern section of the first stage. The final police bike went passed signalling 30 seconds until the riders. They turned the corner at the bottom of our hill and definitely made it look like a slight incline, the gradient had hardly slowed them down, however it was just enough so we could take photos and make out who was who. The teams were starting to get together ready for the final 36 kilometres.


As the riders powered up the hill it was fantastic to see so many top class athletes at the top of their game at the start of a 3 week tour. Even though they were only in view for a little over 2 minutes it definitely was worth the wait and all the effort. I have never appreciated how skilled they are at riding so close at top speeds on tight winding roads. As soon as the final police vehicles passed by we made our way back to the farm to watch the final ride to Harrogate on the big screen. With everyone now packed into the ice cream parlour we all watched as the final of stage 1 everyone talking through their experiences of what was a fantastic day,


Wall Chimp VisitsTour De France

4 Jul

Tour de France comes to YorkshireCYCLING TOUR DE FRANCE 2007

When the Tour de France announcement that the grand depart 2014 was to be from York, we instantly started to plan what to me is going to be the top sporting event that I was going to attend this year. Hours have been spent trying to find the perfect spot to watch the tour caravan and peloton go by. The internet has been full of hotels, B&Bs, farms and ordinary people offering accommodation or tent pitches with a wide range of prices. From reasonable prices to prices that are totally ridiculous.

We have chosen Brymor Camping, Masham offering 2 nights at £20 per adult and £10 per child per night with a minimum stay of 2 nights, also offering a bar, BBQ and washrooms. With the camp site wall being on the main route choosing this site was a no brainier. With my tent, sleeping bag and some beers packed. My road bike cleaned and ready for the ride to watch Stage 2 on Sunday I’m ready to experience one of the worlds greatest sporting events right here at home. More pictures and information on the Tour de France as it happens here at www.wallchimp.co.uk


Tour facts

*9 flat stages

*5 hill stages

*6 mountain stages with 5
altitude finishes

*1 individual time-trial

*2 rest days

Wall Stickers Application Guide

12 Jun

Every wondered if you could apply wall stickers to your home, but always thought you would make a mess of it?

We have put together this video to help show you how to fit your wall sticker. The method used in the video is the best way for a beginner to install their first wall sticker. It allows you to see the positioning of your wall sticker before you apply it to your wall.


All wall stickers are sent with printed versions of the wall sticker application instructions so you can follow them step by step throughout the process.

Top 3 Wall Sticker Ideas For Your Kitchen

10 Jun

Thinking of a new exciting design idea for you kitchen can be tricky as the kitchen, for most is the heart of the home, where meals are cooked and enjoyed by all the family, so having a nicely decorated room is essential.


May of us think of our kitchen in terms of a theme, weather it’s a rustic country style kitchen or a modern contemporary kitchen, we often struggle with the small details we can add to make a huge impact.


Using wall stickers in the kitchen 

Wall Stickers are a growing trend and have emerged into the market as a very popular cost effective design feature. Most commonly used in main living areas such as bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms; wall stickers have proven to be a simple way to transform otherwise plain walls in your home with your own custom touch.

Wall Chimp have put together for you some of the Top 3 wall sticker ideas you could use within your kitchen.


Chalk boards 

People often think of wall stickers to be coloured vinyl used for quotes and silhouettes, most don’t know you can also get chalkboard vinyl. This vinyl works the same as regular vinyl does simply peal and stick, the only difference is that you can write on it exactly the same as a chalkboard.


These chalkboards are great for the kitchen as you can write memos, menus and even shopping lists to remind the family; being able to cut the wall stickers to any shape mean they will also suit your kitchen theme perfectly.



Wall Sticker Quotes 

Wall sticker quotes are the most popular form of wall sticker, being able to replicate a family motto, a favorite saying or even some motivational words. Commonly families have their dining room table within the kitchen area, a motivational quote to motivate your family at breakfast every morning would set them into a great mind set for the day.



Maybe even just a simple message such as “Love” or “Enjoy” would suit your kitchen best, and remind you to keep calm as your new recipe you decided to try didn’t quite go to plan.


Wall Sticker Clocks 

Traditionally wall clocks come in many different styles and costs can vary greatly within the market but are often restricted to a certain size. This is not the case with wall sticker clocks; the mechanism to the clock is fully operational and can be set to a diameter of up to 95cm.


Available in many different styles from traditional Roman numeral faces to floral and many more modern designs, costing from just £35.00.

Wallchimp Digital Marketing Partnership with fellow SBS Winner Metalfrog

10 Dec

Metalfrog Studios Limited is delighted to announce the new website we have designed for fellow Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner, Wallchimp Limited, based in Hartlepool, Cleveland.

Wallchimp specialise in the design and creation of custom vinyl wall stickers. Whether for home of for business, Wallchimp has an enviable reputation for quality, delivery and customer service. The business, founded by Luke Robertson, has many corporate clients including Boots, Animal, EDF Energy, and Body Shop, plus many more that you can view here. In addition, it offers a custom wall sticker design service and also has many off-the-shelf designs, including a “Banksy” replica which can be fixed to your wall. Frequently purchased wall stickers include kitchen and wall clocks, famous quote wall stickers, and stickers designed for children’s bedrooms with motifs of famous brands such as Walt Disney.
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Metalfrog has been working with Wallchimp Limited for 6 months now. Initially, we simply worked on getting its old website to top positions on Google. However, it became very apparent that the old web design was tired, outdated and was not as flexible as it could be. Equally, the content management system of the website was very difficult to manipulate and manage for search engine marketing proposes and for simply adding and editing content.

Metalfrog had a discussion with Luke, and it was clear that the only effective method of turning more traffic into more business was to create a new, custom-built website.

The first part of this process was to create a new custom logo design. This had to be as quirky as the brand we were recreating, as well as be corporate enough to look professional. In addition, we worked on the basis that the design would be used not only on the Internet, but also across various media, signage and company vehicles.

Our graphic design team came up with the logo after a couple of attempts, and Luke was delighted with the result.


Subsequently, we set about creating a fun, professional website with the express aim of making the customer journey simple, and creating more business on-line. In addition, we designed a website which search engines will love, and which is mobile friendly too!

Director, Luke Robertson, said of the relationship with Metalfrog Studios Limited:

“I found Metalfrog Ltd after winning Theo Paphitis SBS award and immediately seen that they were not like any other SEO company I had previously been receiving quotes from. Metalfrog came up with a return on investment strategy for Wallchimp at a cost effective rate which I am very happy with. I chose to work with Metalfrog over a local company due to their past experience and the level of trust that we witnessed within the team after meeting them in Norfolk.  Our experience with Metalfrog up to date has been great re-designing the website and logo which I am very pleased with. Whilst the website was being changed Metal frog pro-actively where doing SEO on the old site to help our ratings for when the new site went like, this included social bookmarking and backlinks focusing on certain key words we choose to be relevant to our business. There has been a huge difference in website branding and I now feel we have a strong Brand and vision for Wallchimp thanks to the new site and logo that came from Metalfrog. We are now focusing on our SEO to make sure that our customers can find our amazing new wall stickers.”

The future is very bright for this business. We already achieved top 20 Google positions for the website on all three earch engines such as “custom wall stickers” and “wall stickers’. In fact, in some areas we have raced above well known high street e-commerce shops such as Not on the High Street.

This is a remarkable business, with a young, energetic, and creative owner, who is not content with simply having one avenue with which to sell his products. The future is bright with Wallchimp and Metalfrog Studios Limited in a digital marketing partnership which is already producing results after a very short space of time.

We are in the process of implementing SEO into the new site, as well as looking at phase 2 of the project which will likely incorporate a full mobile version for tablets and smartphones

Wall Chimp Wins Theo Paphitis SBS

3 May

ccbb34056b1dfd6e5c037a5e06ad37fc078cf465A Teenage entrepreneur is hoping to capitalize on the backing of millionaire businessman and TV personality Theo Paphitis.

Luke Robertson owns Wallchimp, an online business selling wall stickers for the home and office, which he set up after leaving sixth form college last year.

The young businessman launched Wallchimp in October of last year and has watched it steadily develop from an Ebay venture to a growing organisation with over 600 customers.

And his business has now caught the eye of Dragon’s Den investor Theo Paphitis in his weekly Twitter chats, so much so he invited him onto his Small Business Winners programme and Tweeted about Luke to his 340,000 plus followers.

Luke, 19, from Hartlepool said: “I use social media a lot to promote the business and follow Theo Paphitis on Twitter. He holds an online chat with small businesses between 5-7.30pm every Sunday night using the hashtag #SBS.

“He chooses six businesses from all of the Tweets and as an #SBS winner you get his seal of approval and you get your business on the front page of his website. You’re also invited to meetings and talks and can access help through his website and speak to other Small Business Sunday winners.

“I was over the moon he selected Wallchimp. My website hits immediately went up by 600 per cent and my Twitter went mental. I’m seeing sales increase from all of the online PR too!”

Luke left English Martyrs School with 11 GCSEs grades A’s and B’s before heading to sixth form college where he attained A* grades in A-Level Product Design, Graphic Design and Photography. But instead of heading off to university he decided to go straight into running his own business.

And he believes he made the right decision. Luke said: “I have no mortgage commitments or loans hanging over my head so I can focus on the business. I love being my own boss and couldn’t imagine working for anyone else. I learn so much by running a business hands-on and for me it has been the right decision to go straight into it.”

Luke hopes to grow Wallchimp internationally and is confident it will be the first of many businesses he gets up and running.

He added: “I’d love to live in America one day and hope to see Wallchimp grow and grow. Now I have gained experience of running a business I am always on the look-out for other opportunities.”

To see Wallchimp’s extensive range of wall art stickers or for bespoke inquiries visit www.wallchimp.co.uk.

Recreate your Business Office

22 Jan

Does your business office and meeting room have plain white walls with nothing to show for your business?  Our custom business wall stickers are great for Logo’s, Company quotes and branding your office to make it your own.

Fitting services are also available within a 40 mile radius, cost for fitting vary on the size and complexity of the design.

Inquire today for more details: info@wallchimp.co.uk

Image16ft Wall Sticker created for Reactive DesignImageImageFull colour printed stickers created for Infotech 24/7